Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Tomy's, corner of Sawtelle and Pico

We've been passing by Big Tomy's on Pico for about ten years and never tried it. Today we decided to walk over. Luckily, it turned out to have an A rating from the health department.

A burger each, and fries to share. Usually we get two orders of fries because I am EXCESSIVE, but I ended up glad we only got one this time, since the burgers were substantial.

I had the pastrami burger. I think I was expecting a few pieces of pastrami on top of the patty, a la "bacon burger," but it was more like a pastrami sandwich that also had a cheeseburger in it. It was an impressive amount of meat.

Bugita had the Super Burger. Bacon, avocado, and cheese, I think. It was big, too.

Pastrami burger, half eaten. You can see there's a lot of meat. The pastrami was nice, not fatty or overchewy or dry.

This is a weird little building in the parking lot. There were some men sitting at the next table with no food, talking, and when they left they went into this building.

Another view. I wondered if the buildings around here predate the overpass; Bugita thinks they probably do.

The view of Pico. It's blurry, but across the street is El Super Taco. I want to eat there sometime, mostly because of the name, but also because it's another place we've been driving past for ten years and never gone into.

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  1. best chili cheeseburger in town. i worked up the street for many years (2308 sawtelle) and we ate lunch here... since the mid-50s. used to be called Mack's and then a couple Greek guys bought it from Mack and it became Big Tomy's. They re-modeled and changed the menu... for the better. Tony (takes the order) has been there for twenty years or so... long time. Great guy.